Friday, June 20, 2008

Another geen day

I wake up run out the door, and after a nice slow trip in traffic i make it to GOTV Networks. Check my emails, reply to some more pressing topics, and then check the Studio shoot schedule for the day.

10-11, noon-2, 3-5, ok so most of my day looks like it going to be spent in the green screen studio.

Less emailing, and getting caught up on line, and more focused technical wizardry with clients.

I almost manage to get thru without having to suck down a few red bulls, but i do, and my heavy eye lids lift up to the ceiling, and before i know it the day is done.

good bye.


1 comment:

Rebecca Ellis said...

Sounds like you had a busy day! I've been lazy (Mondays off) THANK YOU COLLEGE haha :) welcome to the blogging community x